There is a lot of talk in the disability sector about the disruption caused by the rollout of the NDIS.

Service providers are concerned about their capacity to continue providing services under the current price structure, according to an article in The Guardian last week, with some service providers warning that they may have to shut down if the scheme’s pricing levels do not change.

The scheme is also having a massive impact on the workforce in the sector with the Productivity Commission estimating that one in five new jobs created in Australia in the next few years will be in the disability sector. However, in June Pro Bono Australia quoted National Disability Services CEO Ken Baker, who said that service providers were also concerned that they would be “forced” to employ less skilled and experienced staff and lower their supervision ratios as a result of the tight administration budget the current price structure is creating.

Services must find a way to operate within the confines of NDIS pricing if they are to remain viable under the scheme, with one of the biggest challenges being how best to develop the capabilities of their workforce while adapting to the new market-style environment and staying ahead of the disruption curve.

Talking about the negative ‘disruption’ that the NDIS is creating may, in fact, be a self-fulfilling prophecy creating more negativity each time it is mentioned. A more constructive way forward may be to accept that this is the new normal and look to a more positive space like the new innovations and technologies that are emerging and will assist in making this ‘new normal’ more comfortable.

We are a new eLearning business that wants to work with disability service providers to assist in making this environment a more comfortable space for everyone. We specialise in mobile-ready, just-in-time refresher training that complements the standard industry certificate IIIs and IVs, ensuring the support workers are work ready at all times.

Co-founder Cath Ellis is an awarded winning eLearning designer and adult education specialist, who has designed the Empowability modules with the NDIS environment in mind. Knowing the real cost of traditional training delivery Cath is confident that Empowability offers a genuine way for service providers to meet their training and budget targets.

We embrace the 5 Future Trends of Learning and Development, so our courses are not the boring eLearning that we all know and dislike.

If you fancy a chat about how we can help you to continue developing your support workers and stay within the tight confines of the NDIS price structure, reach out and see how we can help.


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Empowability provides disability service providers and independent individuals with best practice, mobile-ready learning solutions that empower people with the flexibility to learn on-the-go.

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