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I’ve worked in the Learning and Development Sector for the last 18 years and have specialised in eLearning design and development for the last 8 years.

Since then, I’ve seen and have been forced to develop what I consider to be bad eLearning courses (I’m sure you’ve experienced bad eLearning too). Courses that are way too long, courses that are not easy for learners to access, courses that have inconsistent information, courses that are mind numbingly boring and full of quizzes. Last but not least, courses that haven’t taken into consideration what learners need to do their job properly or have even considered what behaviour changes organisations are requiring to ensure they are mitigating as much risk as possible.

Last year I took the plunge and started by own freelance eLearning design company ‘Cath Ellis Learning Design‘ and since then I have been approached by numerous disability providers to design bespoke courses, however, for some of them the costs were out of their reach.

Jenine and I decided that we could do something about this problem. To join forces and utilise both of our skills to develop a suite of affordable courses for disability support workers. As a manager of a disability provider, she too experienced a lack of quality learning materials and knew that most of the content out there wasn’t appropriate, especially in this new landscape of NDIS funding.

I am incredibly passionate about designing mobile learning (as nearly everyone carries a phone with them) and developing gamification where possible so learners can make mistakes in a safe environment.

My dream would be to make some virtual reality (VR) environments in which learners could actually interact with some of the functions they would be required to do, such as a manual handling.

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More about Cath:

  • I am married to Jenine and live in the Dandenong Ranges with our four crazy cats (Scurmo, Jango, Nelson and Winnie).
  • I am originally from Manchester, UK and have lived in Australia since 2005.
  • I love travelling with Jenine and we launched Empowability from a cruise ship between Sydney and San Francisco.

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