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I want to turn learning in the disability sector on its head!

I have been working in the disability sector for over 12 years, predominantly working with people with physical disabilities or degenerative neurological conditions. I started off as a support worker and steadily moved up the ranks to Team Leader and now Service Manager. The one constant throughout the years has been my focus on enabling clients to achieve their chosen outcomes and supporting staff to do the best job possible.

Having worked at a number of disability service providers over the years I know first-hand that there is no industry standard for refresher or skills training. Once Australian Qualifications Framework certificates (Cert III and Cert IV) have been achieved any refresher learning is the responsibility of the employer. My experience has shown that just because a potential employee arrives with a certificate, does not mean that they are work ready. This often puts a strain on the service provider, as they want to provide high-quality, consistent, person-centred support to their clients, but the budget often doesn’t allow for their staff to receive the training required.

I believe we can do better than this!

I want to offer the sector a product that will empower support workers and have them feel confident in every aspect of the support they are providing.

I want to change the way the sector feels about eLearning, competency and maintaining compliance.

I want the industry to acknowledge the fact that a fast-tracked Certificate III or IV in Disability does not equip a person to offer high-quality support.

I want service providers to be proactive and provide the best training possible BEFORE the incident report that forces them to react.

It is achievable!

More about Jenine:

  • I married my best friend and soul mate, Cath Ellis in 2015.
  • I have 4 children, who amaze me every day just by being the stunning, caring and accomplished adults that they are. I still look at them and wonder, “How did that happen?”.
  • Travel is my greatest motivator at the moment. I love travelling; it makes me feel alive and invigorated. I love new adventures, meeting new people, seeing new things and trying new foods. I love the ocean, the mountains, small villages, huge cities and road trips.

Favourite Spotify playlist

 Late Night Jazz

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